The Iceman Cometh

Today was an exceptionally beautiful day. I love the autumn weather. There is no extreme, ball-sweating heat and you’re not freezing to death like Otzi the Iceman.

Otzi the Iceman

I also got my order of cone studs today. Naturally, I’ve been working on my jacket. It’s actually coming along nicely, and I can’t wait to finish this one.

There was also an all-day benefit show today for a local movie theater. My brother took his little girl there and she had a blast. It was her first show, and I highly doubt it will be her last. At an age when she can appreciate both Dora the Explorer and the Misfits, she’s definitely the most hardcore (little) kid in this town.

This nice weather today brought to mind the question of who was really appreciating this weather? Also, is my aversion to heat and cold the product of my privileged conditioning (e.g. homes and cars with AC)? This all kind of reminded me of this koan* (which is like a Zen “riddle”, “parable”, etc) from the Blue Cliff Record:

A monk asked Tôzan, “When cold and heat come, how should one avoid them?” Tôzan said, “Why not go to a place where there is neither cold nor heat?”  The monk said, “What kind of place is it where there is neither cold nor heat?”

Tôzan said, “When it is cold, the cold kills you; when it is hot, the heat kills you.”

The macabre, anticipatory title for this post was naturally inspired by the crust punk legends Amebix:

* [It should be noted that the purpose of a koan is not to have a definitive, unique answer. Instead, students are required to demonstrate their own understanding of the koan and of Zen through their responses.]


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