Achtung! Attention! Atencion!

Today, there were some customers who conducted themselves in an extremely rude way. They were obviously intoxicated, and were too busy talking to themselves rather than paying attention to anything around them. I had to repeat myself multiple times, becoming increasingly louder each time, just to get their attention. This kind of behavior is a total lack of skillfulness as they were inevitably inconveniencing themselves. It’s a shame that they don’t know anything about “right mindfulness”, as they weren’t even in their “right state of mind”!

One aspect of the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path is what is called “right mindfulness” (samma-sati). This is defined as keeping your mind ardent, aware, and mindful,¬† thus seeing things as they truly are, and putting away greed and distress with reference to the world. This means that one should stay alert, focused, and aware of things as they occur naturally without becoming attached, engrossed, or even averse to them. This allows you to naturally see things as they truly are – in and of themselves.

Bhikku Bodhi once observed that, “The mind is deliberately kept at the level of bare attention, a detached observation of what is happening within us and around us in the present moment. In the practice of right mindfulness the mind is trained to remain in the present, open, quiet, and alert, contemplating the present event. All judgments and interpretations have to be suspended, or if they occur, just registered and dropped.”


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